About Us

SafCon is a market leading manufacturer and distributor of telescopic belt conveyors. At SafCon, we design the most reliable telescopic belt conveyors in the industry and provide safe, efficient loading and unloading logistic solutions.

We have decades of experience in international trade and the processes that ensure quick and efficient distribution of products from point of production to the ultimate consumer. Our intimate understanding of transportation logistics and the myriad of packing containers used in shipping cargo have helped in our becoming intralogistics innovators and the industry’s foremost designers and producers of high tech, telescopic belt conveyors.

SafCon telescoping belt conveyers are durable, reliable, easy to use and affordable. They are the key component in increasing the loading and unloading capacity of your distribution centers and thereby increasing overall productivity, customer satisfaction and gross profit margins.

Our telescopic belt conveyors are made with the highest quality components. Only reliable world brand parts are used in both the mechanical and electrical parts of our machine construction. We make the most versatile belt conveyors in the industry, all capable of handling boxes, sacks, rugs and packaged goods of every size and shape.

SafCon is your partner in advanced product distribution solutions. From the latest technology built into all of our telescoping belt conveyors to an unrivaled service network to keep your operation running at peak effiency 24/7, SafCon keeps you moving forward.